A Message from Ashlee Mortimer

Pumpkinfest 2016

The best times I had as a child were the times on my dad's lap on a tractor, playing on the old tires with my siblings, watching baby chicks hop around, playing on our huge pile of dirt for hours and hours, helping my mama in the garden, checking the cows on cold, cold winter days - the list goes on and on. One thing I've noticed is my favorite memories are on the farm and the ranch. Memories I wouldn't change - EVER. For so long these memory making moments were only shared with a few close family and friends. Most families are generations removed from the farm, removed from those fun times and memory making moments like getting dirty, petting a goat, walking though a field of pumpkins, or even eating a burger from the same place it was raised. For all these many reason I love fall - I love fall because for a whole month I am able to see my childhood being recreated and thousands and thousands of families making memories that will last more than a life time.

This year at Mortimer Farms Pumpkin Festival my family and I have added many more farm experiences to enable our guests to have a wholesome family time and make those lasting memories that only can be made at the farm. Because it is the unique, farm inspired activities that are remembered - those are the stories shared forever.

Each year Mortimer Farms grows to be better and better. This year we focused on more unique farm activities. One of my favorites is the Field Roller. It is a race ride inspired by the farming tool called a Field Roller - a piece of equipment that is hooked onto a big tractor and dragged across the field to break up large dirt clods before planting. I also love the new giant mountain - the best slides ever. The list of new this year goes on and on - not flashy bright colorful carnival rides - no - much, much, much better than anything that can be found in the city. We are a farm - and oh, we know how to have a blast. Yahoo for Redneck Swing, Buckin Bull, Corn Bath, Pony Hop, Corn Maze, Pumpkin Pad, Pony Rides, Barrel Train, farm animals, and SOOO MUCH MORE!!

Plus on top of all the new rides and activities we have added my family and I feel it is extremely important to add farm education. Like I said up above sooo many little humans and big humans don't have the opportunity to set foot on a farm or a ranch and those that do often don't know much about the ins and outs of the agriculture industry. Personally I would scream the agriculture story if my parents would let me but that might be a little too much. Wouldn't you say? To feed my need to tell everyone how great I think the people that feed the world are we teach through our farm rides, educational display walking tour through the farm park, hay rides, and shows.

That's right, this year we have introduced a display tour and interactive shows into the Pumpkin Festival schedule - Dog Shows, Magic Shows, and my personal favorite - PIG RACES!! They all are a blast and they all teach our guests a few new facts about what we do each and every day. Did you know that pigs OINK? Did you know that farmers have to rotate their pumpkin fields every year in order to eliminate a pumpkin growing mold and bugs? Did you know that at Mortimer Farms we rotate our Pumpkin Patch and our Corn Maze to help with the bugs and the molds but the corn maze always leaves a few kernels that plant themselves and grow? We call this volunteer corn - and this year we have a lot of it in the pumpkin patch - but it gives for an even better experience while hunting for pumpkins. Did you know we grow over 300 varieties of pumpkins? - green, orange, pink, warty, spotted, stripped, mini, white, big, small, huge - a pumpkin for everyone. Do you know the average age of a farmer in Arizona? Do you know what the cleanest farm animal is? Come see us at the farm and not only will you learn about all those facts but many other fun farm facts AND YOULL HAVE A GREAT TIME DOING SO.

I'm telling you - agriculture is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It is to thank for the best memories of my life and I am excited to share those same great memory making experiences with you and your family. We are extremely happy and excited for those lasting memories to be made. We also are so excited to be able to teach you and your family about agriculture. We have a passion for what we do and the industry we are a part of - farming - ranching - feeding you it is what we do and we love it. We invite you to learn about that passion and learn about what we do and why we do it. Enjoy your day - have a blast - pick an awesome pumpkin - eat mouthwatering farm food - and enjoy the wonderfulness that comes with being on a farm. The annual pumpkin festival is every weekend in October. The farm store and farm park are open every day from 8 am to 6 pm. (except Thanksgiving and Christmas)