Mortimer Farms in Dewey Arizona is home to Farm Fresh Produce and Grain Raised Black Angus CattleWho We Are

Mortimer Farms is a one-stop destination to enjoy clean, farm fun. The farm is a famous stop in Dewey, Arizona providing a look into an everyday farmer’s life with a not so every day experience.

We are excited to personally invite you and your family to Mortimer Farm’s Country Store. You'll find locally grown fresh seasonal vegetables, homemade bakery items, Mortimer born and raised Black Angus Beef, fresh canned goods, and much more every day.

Here on the farm, our goal and desire is to share the love and passion we have for agriculture and farm fresh food. Accomplishing our goal cannot be done without the delightful support shown by you, our Farm Family. Traditions begin in the heart of agriculture. Come on down to gain first-hand farm knowledge, and a great farm experience.

About Us

Farming is more than a business to the Mortimers, it’s their life. Both Gary and Sharla are passionate members of the agriculture industry. Gary is known to say, “I wake up every morning, look out my window, see all God’s beauty, and my dreams coming true!” He has shared those dreams with their four magnificent children: Ashlee, Hayden, Kayla and Kolten.

They each play an essential role in the farm. Spring and fall are Ashlee’s favorite seasons. She loves to help artificially inseminate the cattle and see those pretty black babies hit the ground in the spring.

Fall is the season for teaching at the farm. It is great to see memories and traditions begin at the farm while teaching about the passions and loveCelebrate Fall with our Fall Farm Festivals including our Sweet Corn Festival and Pumpkin Festival! of American agriculture.

Hayden has a gift when it comes to agriculture. He loves his tractors and his horses. He is always volunteering to make feed, plant, harvest, take out specially developed Arizona range mineral, check fences, ride the country side, and apply rotational grazing to the cattle operation.

Kayla is all about the animals! She loves pigs, dogs, chickens, goats, horses, cattle, and all the responsibilities that come with each. If Kayla is not with one of the animals then she is in the Country store baking up a storm in My Grandma’s kitchen, organizing the wonderful inventory, and assisting with beautiful displays.

Kolten’s hobby is anything to do with horses, and roping. He is growing to be a great help on the farm and continues to find love in all the family does.

We look forward to your visit!

The Mortimer Family